The most common questions about plastic windows

Buying an apartment (new building, or secondary), one of the most important places that you should pay attention to – window openings. It is not necessary to check the quality of the installation of the window canvas, the correct operation of the design itself. It often happens that the handle turns tightly, does not reach the end, the vestibors are loosely closed. In this case, there is a high probability that you will have to change the window openings (in the case of a secondary), or demand from the builder the setting of basic windows (in the new building). There are many rumors and legends at the expense of plastic windows regarding their composition, environmental friendliness, durability and other things. Accordingly, consumers have certain questions asked by manufacturers and installers of plastic windows. Let’s get acquainted with them.

The most popular issue of plastic windows is the degree of their environmental friendliness and toxicity. The answer to it is quite simple – modern plastic windows are absolutely harmless. To make sure of this, you just need to demand the corresponding certificate from the manufacturer. At the very beginning of the capture of their part of the PVC, they were really produced with the content of heavy metals and some harmful impurities. However, gradually manufacturers have changed all components to environmentally friendly and harmless to humans, and now plastic windows satisfy all the requirements.

Another popular issue is the same appearance of window blocks at a large difference in their price. Changing the appearance of the window is only a matter of time. Window profiles produced in garage cooperatives will soon turn on from sunlight and the effects of precipitation, while a high -quality profile will maintain its original form for many years, as if they had been established several weeks ago. The window itself also affects the price – in high -quality systems, a thickened profile is used, in which the welded connection of profiles in the corners is more high -quality and reliable.

The formation of condensate on the windows is a fairly important problem that excites residents. This is especially manifested in Soviet buildings, where the ventilation system no longer works quite efficiently. In such cases, it is better to install special valves for ventilation, or simply ventilate the room several times a day.

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