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The removal of construction waste

A characteristic feature of today is the rapid growth of both megacities and small cities.

Residential buildings, retail and entertainment complexes, production facilities, architectural structures and other construction projects are being built. An integral part of any construction, as well as reconstructions, is construction garbage, which must be exported from the construction site.

This process should be paid to special attention, since clogging of the construction site leads to a decrease in labor productivity, and in some cases to injuries.

There are several categories of construction garbage: large -sized garbage and garbage of small fractions. Garbage is also classified by varieties of materials used: Furniture debris; wooden garbage; Duraly garbage (profile of various kinds); PVC garbage; Domestic garbage.

Who is engaged in the removal of construction garbage? If this is not large construction, then their utility guns or handwinds are taken out garbage. The disposal of garbage of small fractions occurs manually – it is placed in bags and loads on a dump truck.

Well, at large construction sites, special companies play this role. Since for the removal of bulky debris, special technical equipment is required – a lifting crane, special vehicles. Unfortunately, the garbage is often not sorted today, except for the acquired construction waste, but is simply taken to a landfill. This is not economically profitable, since there are technologies for processing construction waste into cheaper building materials. And naturally this leads to environmental pollution.

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