The use of textured plaster

If you have a need for inexpensive, quickly, and most importantly – just make a cosmetic repair of walls, you just need to pay attention to textured plaster. This is a great way to make it original and beautiful without unnecessary costs.

Textured plaster is a regular plaster in which various fillers are distributed: fibers, large crumbs, which, after drying and coloring, give a very interesting and original appearance to the wall.

Textured plaster is essentially a decorative wall coating and is used as an element of decor. It does not require any skills and just a minimum set of tools – several types of spatulas, trowels and an ordinary foam sponge is enough. The textured plaster looks great, it is very easily washed both with ordinary water and with the use of detergents and retains its brightness and color for a long time. After applying the plaster and giving it a special form at your discretion, you can only wait for the wall to dry in order to paint it in the color you have chosen

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