Their types and detailed description

The last stage in the construction of almost any building is considered finishing work. Their main purpose is to give the premises of a beautiful appearance and functionality for a comfortable stay in it. These works are also carried out to protect internal and external structures from the negative effects of the environment.

At first glance, work on the decoration of the premises may seem light and relatively not difficult, but it is on them that most of the budget and time are often spent on them.

There are several types of finishing work, namely:

Glazing is a process for filling window openings with double -glazed windows and frames. Now, most often, plastic windows are used for this, less often, wooden euro -covers.

Plassing – the process of applying on the design of a layer that is suitable for operation in rooms for various purposes. Usually walls are plastered.

Cladding – the process of covering with facing materials of various surfaces in the room. The facing materials can be: ceramic panels, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, and so on.

The design of the ceiling with light structures that provide ceiling protection, and also perform insulating functions.

Staining is a process for applying painting compositions on the surface of the primary decoration.

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