Thermostatic mixer

Admit it – how often did you fall into a situation where an ordinary shower turned into a real “attraction”, spontaneously pouring you, or hot water? Moreover, all attempts to tame such amateur veins were divided into banal pressure drops depending on neighboring complicity in water consumption. The plumbers shrugged, complaining about the wear of communications, and the “jumping” pressure became for the owners, although unpleasant, but already familiar ..

In patience and adaptability to our person, as you know, not to occupy. But why continue to experience fate, especially since today it is no longer such an insoluble problem. But first things first.

We are all used to using conventional mixers, which quite tolerably regulate the heat level, as well as the supply of water. And everything would be wonderful if not for these, ill -fated pressure drops. Unfortunately, in view of the design features, such a mixer to resist them independently is incapable of. Therefore, you have to nervously pull its handle or twirl the lamb, trying to restore the impaired temperature balance. And the solution is very close, you just need to install a thermostatic mixer

The main feature of the thermostatic mixer is to automatically maintain a given temperature. You did not bother – it is in automatic. It provides a special thermal regulator, which instantly restores the nominal (manually installed), the ratio of hot with cold water, depending on the “jumps” of the pressure. And even in case of complete cessation of the feed, the risk of scalding or overcool is excluded, as is often the case with conventional mixers. Thermostatic, it will instantly turn off.

As in the usual one-two regulators are provided in the mixture-teremostat. Moreover, one is set the level of flow (pressure) of water, and the other – the necessary temperature on a special scale, which you will agree much more convenient. In addition, for additional convenience, as well as for the safety of children, an auxiliary limiter is provided, which does not allow to exceed the established heat level (38 degrees).

Thus, the thermostatic mixer is most convenient in terms of control, and most importantly absolutely safe. You only set the required temperature, and then adjust the pressure of the water. And no differences and “jumps” are no longer afraid of either you or your children.

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