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Tikkurila Taika Glow varnish with backlighting effect

For everyone, to bring unusual solutions to their interior, we present a unique matte varnish with the backlight effect – Tikkurila Taika Glow. With it, you can decorate almost any room and almost any surface (from wallpaper to a wooden coating) – a children’s room for the smallest (draw stars, flashlights, moon, etc. D.), a living room or a bedroom with an arthouse image in the entire wall, a corridor with a backlight on the bottom of the wall, etc. D. Using such a varnish, you can create any non -standard interior, or make a non -standard from a standard. It looks especially good on a bright basis, of course, when the light is turned off. The varnish is well “charged” under any lighting (natural, artificial), after which it retains the radiance for several hours. When decorating a children’s room, feel free to connect to the process of the children – the varnish is not toxic, does not smell, it is easily washed off with water. The material is applied with a brush, roller or mechanical spray. In private houses, its use is also not limited, and is quite relevant on the stairs, to illuminate the path in the dark and safe descent/rise.

The technical parameters are as follows: applicable for operation in dry rooms; applicable for staining floors, walls, ceilings, furniture; When dried has a matte texture, an approximate consumption of about 10 l/sq. m.; formed in a metal container, with a capacity of 0, 33l and 1l; storage is carried out at a positive temperature, protect from frost.

The application of paint is carried out on a pre -cleaned and primed surface for better adhesion with the basis. Before painting, be sure to thoroughly mix the paint. If necessary, applying Tikkurila Taika Glow varnish is carried out in several layers in order, firstly, to achieve even application, and, secondly, to improve the quality of the glow of the painted area. Staining is either manually or mechanized, to conveniently and protect the non -painted parts of the surface, use paper masking tape (does not stick to the surface, does not tear it off when tape is removed). See detailed instructions on the packaging and the official website of the manufacturer.

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