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Tool and equipment

For builders from neighboring abroad, an acceptable option as a housing will be a metal house. Metal cabins of excellent quality are offered to install you to install a company. All products are easily transported from one place to another.

Your organization needed a watch point. We have a good offer for you. You can find non -expensive security posts in Fregat LLC. The block is the block – container.

The assortment of the company Tepl-Holod contains electric storage water heaters or boilers. Company managers will help you choose the right equipment.

The Favorite company is carried out by the electrical work in the shortest possible time. And you can not worry about the quality of work, we have rich experience.

Excellent professionals work in the architectural and construction workshop. Design and finishing work will be performed efficiently and in a short time.

Important recommendations for the choice and installation of windows can be read on the site. Price leaf on a variety of plastic windows is constantly updated.

The company “Elite-Teplo” performs design, installation and service maintenance of heating systems of houses and cottages. The site presents our approach to creating a private house heating system with high energy saving rates.

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