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Two options for waterproofing walls of foundations

The construction of any buildings and structures begins with the choice of the place of construction and a thorough survey of soils. The purpose of the examination is not only in identifying the strength of the soil, but also in the height of groundwater. Based on the conclusion of hydrogeologists, a number of the most important decisions related to the type of foundation and methods of its waterproofing are made. Moisture protection is carried out during the construction of all types of foundation.

The waterproofing method is selected taking into account many factors, such as the depth of the walls of the foundation, the degree of soil flooding, the annual precipitation, the duration of the snow melting, as well as the density of engineering communications and a number of features and specific conditions of the construction site. Cement mortar and plastering insulation. Waterproofing of the walls of foundations with blockage of all pores and microcracks of the walls occurs, their strength and frost resistance increases.

Plastering waterproofing differs from penetrating less mobility of the applied composition and larger (6-50 mm) inclusions. Such waterproofing of the walls of foundations is also called “tough”. Plaster, like coating, creates a layer in preventing the penetration of water and additionally compacts concrete. The service life of these insulations is compared with the life of the concrete itself. Penetrating and plaster (waterproofing of the walls of foundations) is one of the most effective ways, but relative to the road.

Screen waterproofing. Such waterproofing of the walls of foundations is used only in special conditions, with high pressure of groundwater. For screen waterproofing, not only clay, but also the latest materials are used: panels based on concrete clay and polymer geomembrane, which, in their physicochemical properties, are far superior to traditional. There are many types of waterproofing, most often they are used in the complex in accordance with specific conditions.

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