Types of electric wiring of a private house

The construction of the house always raises the question of its energy supply. Here it is necessary to achieve the most convenient and safe location of the entire wiring and all electrical equipment. Today we will tell you about what kind of wiring in a private house there are.

So, today experts highlight several types of electrical wiring:

Open -type wiring

Closed electrical wiring

Private wiring through special channels from cables and corrugations

The choice of electrical wiring types in most cases depends on the type of walls and ceilings of the house. So, in particular, in the case of a timber, the wiring is always used by cables and corrugations or open -type electrical wiring. If the walls consist of brick, then you can use any type of wiring, but the second type is mainly used.

In the case of building a house from brick, the wiring is mounted until complete and finish plastering walls. Such measures help to deepen the wires into the walls much faster.

In the case of a wooden house, the wires are diluted in rooms only after the completion of construction. It will be better if the wires are invested in special channels, and will not be fired separately in open form. In addition, thereby you will get a very decent aesthetic type of wiring, which will also increase the fire safety of the mains of the house.

As a rule, in rooms with increased damp and humidity, in bathrooms and bathrooms, corrugated wiring is used, t. e. Wires laid in special corrugations to protect from moisture.

We also note that you can never spend cable inside wooden walls – this is very dangerous!

As for hidden wiring, it is most often used in brick walls. For ease of installation of wiring in the walls, special recesses are made, which help to hide the protruding parts of the wires. At the same time, all power supply (sockets, switches, etc. P.) Swells into the walls using special “boxes”.

Hidden wiring is still done in shield houses when their interior decoration consists of drywall. In order to make it conveniently as possible to put switches and sockets in this case, the so -called clamping petals are used, which are located on installation jars. They serve for strong pressing the jar to drywall, which does not allow sockets and switch to stagger and get out. Especially these measures are important when a layer of insulation is laid between the wall and drywall.

All work with electrical wiring should be performed only by specialists of the corresponding qualifications!

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