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Types of paints and ways to use them

Many types of colors produced by modern manufacturers allows you to choose a paint that fully complies with the requirements of the room and type of surface, as well as your tastes and preferences. So, today in the market of varnish materials are represented:

1. Silicatical paints.

Silicate paints are paints, the basis of which is liquid glass. Thus, silicate paints are mineral in their composition. The loose texture of silicate paint allows you to use it as a coating of surfaces of stone and concrete, as well as surfaces covered with plaster. Silicate paints provide air ductility, they have water resistance, as well as resistance to temperature differences. These qualities determine the widespread use of silicate colors as a coating of internal and external surfaces of buildings and rooms. The use of silicate paints to cover the surfaces from wood provides protection against fires. Before use, silicate paints must be diluted with water. Brushes or rollers are used for application.

2. Glue paints.

For the production of adhesive colors, aqueous solutions of polymers of organic origin are used. Such polymers include starch, casein, polyvinyl alcohol, as well as cellulose ether. Due to insufficient water resistance, adhesive paints are not recommended to be used in rooms with an increased moisture level. As for other characteristics of adhesive colors, they are similar to the characteristics of emulsion colors.

3. Emulsion paints.

Non -toxic, resistant to alkalis, fireproof emulsion paints are optimally suitable for coating surfaces made of concrete, wood, primed metal surfaces, as well as surfaces covered with plaster. Emulsion paints are not used on top of glue paints, as well as on lacquered surfaces. Emulsion paints are diluted with water before use. In their composition, emulsion paints are divided into water-based, water-dispersion, acrylic, latex and polyvinyl acetate.

4. Alkyd paints.

Lucky and olifs are used for the manufacture of alkyd colors. Varnishes are used for the production of enamel colors, olifs – for the production of oil paints. Non -toxic alkyd paints are resistant to moisture, light and alkalis. It should be borne in mind that alkyd paints are fire hazardous. Alkyd paints are widely used to cover internal and external surfaces of metal, wood, as well as surfaces covered with plaster. Alkyn paints are diluted before use using turpentine, olifs or white spirit and applied with a roller or brush.

Before applying the paint to the surface, try to paint it with a small area of ​​the surface, which is not in sight. After you are convinced that the result has met your expectations, proceed directly to the color.

The main thing to remember is that the durability of the coating is determined, first of all, by the quality of the preparation of the surface for staining, secondly – the quality of the putty, and only last – the quality of the paint.

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