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Types of supports for the air transmission line

Air power transmission line (hereinafter referred to as the VL) is a distribution device and an electric energy transmission device. During the construction of the VL, the main construction and installation operations are carried out, consisting in the manufacture and installation of supports or their parts. There are several varieties of supports used in specific cases, so intermediate supports are used in sections of the highway without bends and turns.

This type of supports is necessary for the perception of the load from the mass of the wires, loads from the effects of natural conditions, such as the pressure of the wind, and they are used to change the direction of the track. Intermediate supports are most often installed in the populated area.

Anchor-ultra, are installed in the places of bending of the track. The anchor-ultra support perceives only the loads from the tension of the fixed wires. And carry the loads similar to the loads in which are used, intermediate, transition and fixing supports.

End, located along the edges of the VL highway.

Branches used in the branch and when the wires approach to buildings. And there are also cross -circulations used in the intersection of power lines, but only in the overhead lines up to 1000V, support.

Also, supports can be classified according to the type of design:

Compound supports – wooden racks with reinforced concrete prefixes.

All -fast supports are also made by special antiseptic wood with the inclusion of reinforced concrete.

There are other types of supports used in the installation of VL, for example, corner installed in places of turning the track, but where there is no need to put anchor supports. A wonderful feature of such supports is that the angle in them ranges from 60 to 90 degrees.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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