Types of water heaters

Such a water heater will help you survive the shutdown of hot water and, you can even say, you will not notice that it is not. You can wash the dishes without problems, take a bath. By the way, when hot water is turned off, the number one problem becomes just washing dishes. If you get a water heater with a capacity of three kilowatts, then hot water will flow every minute one and a half liters. If you need a few more water, then it is worth purchasing a water heater with a volume of ten liters, only it will have more power, thirty kilowatts. There are water heaters for fifty liters, but the power there is simply sky -high. Some people have enough water heater, which gives one and a half liters. They can afford and wash the dishes and wash themselves. After all, it is not necessary to constantly use it, but only when there is no hot water.

Accumulative water heater

Such water heaters produce two types. Utrous and Ignoring.

Ignoring water heater

Such water heaters are very convenient, their power is only two kilowatts. But with such low power, water can heat as much as fifteen liters. This amount is enough to wash the dishes and put yourself a little in order. The only inconvenience is that water must be manually poured into the container.

Utrous water heater

Such a water heater will be able to heat a hundred liters at a power of only one and a half kilowatts. It has two branches, one can be put into the bathroom, and the other to the kitchen. This water heater has a significant drawback, you will have to wait for water heating for three hours. This is inconvenient, because you will not constantly use it, and when the water is turned off, and you will want to use the water heater, you will have to wait for three whole hours. During this time and hot water will be turned on again.

The conclusion can be made such that it is best to use from the case of the case of a flowing water heater. Although the power is rather large, but turned on, quickly washed the dishes and turned off again. And water heaters with lower power, on the contrary, consume more of electricity.

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