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Types of waterproofing concrete coatings

Despite the fact that every year new technologies appear in construction, yet most of the old technologies are in no way inferior to them. A great example of this is concrete floors, which today are often installed in many enterprises, garages, warehouses, hangars and other buildings. They are reliable, able to withstand heavy loads, are not amenable to great wear, and has many unique properties. Their only drawback is that they are exposed to moisture. But since today there are many ways of waterproofing, such a problem disappears.

Waterproofing methods there are many. But in most cases, the protection of the draft floor is without fail. This layer is installed under the main concrete screed. Protects such waterproofing primarily from soil moisture. Especially if there are large layers of surface water in the ground, which, with an increase in the general water level, can flood or smear concrete coatings. Waterproofing is as follows. First, the canvases are installed in the overlap, and after that all the joints of the joints are connected and glued with a special reinforcing tape. In some cases, such a procedure is carried out several times. After this, the edges of the paintings are clung to the walls, while their height should be at least 20 cm in terms of the wall level.

There are also other methods of waterproofing that will allow completely different materials. For example, plastering waterproofing, which provides a cement -based mixture that is able to effectively protect concrete from water penetration. The thickness of the applied mixture to the concrete surface can be up to 3 cm.

Environmental – this method of waterproofing is used for outdoor installation. A special roll material is used here, which needs to be glued with a hot method. But it needs to be applied after the surface is prepared and primed in advance. Most often, this method can be found when waterproofing basements.

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