Using tapestries in the interior

When creating the design of an apartment or room, I always want to do something special, unique, give the interior “face” and features that are characteristic only for your interior. Such an unusual exquisite highlight of the interior may well become tapestry or a beautiful tapestry picture.

Such an interesting thing, in a beautiful and high -quality performance, will be an excellent addition to the faceless wall, and can also become the so -called “visiting card” of your apartment in the future.

The main thing is to choose the tapestry suitable for your room in size, plot and color palette. If you cannot find a suitable option for a long time, use the service – making tapestries to order. Then you will be able to specify all the possible features with the master in advance that your tapestry will have to possess.

Placing the tapestry in the room, know that it can change the perception of space, both visually expand it, and vice versa, incorrectly selected, can reduce the visual area of ​​the room. Use this opportunity competently. In addition, it is better if the plot on the product is similar to the theme of design or the functional purpose of the room.

For example, urban stories will be good for the hallway, possibly a living room, with an appropriate interior design. In such rooms you can afford to place bright tapestries. In the bedroom, such will not be quite appropriate. For this room, it is better to choose plots and colors more dead.

Tapestry is suitable for the children’s room if it has interesting stories from children’s fairy tales or cartoons. Just take care that the picture is kind, so it will be better for the child.

Tapestry, can create the atmosphere in the room necessary for you, do not be afraid to enter the road of experiments.

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