Varieties of floor skirting boards

When installing the flooring, one should not forget about floor skirting boards, the number of varieties of which is impressive today. The floor skirting board is called the bar, which covers the gap between the floor and the wall.

The floor skirting board can be made of a wide variety of materials, which, in turn, also determines the various operational qualities of the bar. Choose material for floor skirting boards depending on the simplicity of installation, the required appearance and characteristics of the skirting board.

The development of modern technologies has led to the fact that the traditional material for the production of floor skirting boards (wood) is increasingly replaced by plastic and other polymeric materials. Each type of materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, so they always choose the ratio of properties that are required of the finished product. The following varieties of floor skirting boards are mainly distinguished: plastic, laminated and veneered.

1. Floor skirting boat from polyvinyl chloride (plastic)

Floor skirting boards of foamed PVC currently become more and more popular. Floor skirting boards from PVC have several advantages over wooden, which determines their wider distribution. This is 100 % moisture resistance, and a wide selection of the color scheme of finished products, and the lack of pre -sale processing, because PVC skirting boards have excellent quality.

Floor skirting boards from PVC (plastic) are inexpensive, they are very easy to install and subsequent operation. When installing, the ends of the skirting boards do not need to be shut up at an angle, as is done with laminated and wooden. Almost any floor covering can be worthy of floor skirting boards from PVC (plastic): carpet, linoleum, tiles, wooden floor or laminate.

2. Laminated floor plinth

Laminated floor skirting boards has currently been widespread. The basis for it is the MDF, covered with a laminated picture that imitates the wood structure. Most often the height of the laminated skirting boards is 40 or 60 mm. The advantages of this type of skirting boards can be called a lower price (in comparison with skirting boards of wood or veneer), unlike the veneer, the color of laminated skirting boards is uniform.

3. The floor skirting booth is veneered

Low -value wood (spruce or pine) are used as the basis for an veneered skirting board, and the thinnest cut of more expensive wood is glued to the surface. The assortment of an veneered floor plinth is simply amazing – you can easily find a decent frame for any parquet.

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