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Wall cladding with wood

Today, the walls of the walls are carried out in the corridors, in the premises of bars, restaurants and offices. Any wood can be used to facing the surface of the walls. Bishop wood (linden, alder, aspen) are usually used). Oak, ash, maple looks very good. All wood material must have humidity no more than ten to twelve percent.

How best to perform cladding? Lining wooden plates in a vertical or horizontal location? The most optimal wood use option is a horizontal cladding. Used wooden boards can have some defects or mechanical damage. In the case of use of vertical cladding, boards of the same length look most beautiful. In the process of laying the board, some of it will go into waste. Placing horizontally boards that are attached to the surface of the wall different in size, and even narrow pieces. In order for the facing wall to have a beautiful view, the seams between the facing boards must coincide (like brickwork).

Before proceeding to facing the surface of the walls, it is recommended to check the walls for evenness and verticality in order to avoid further troubles. As a rule, wooden rails with recommended dimensions are attached to the walls: width 50mm, thickness 20-25 millimeters. Rails should be placed at a distance of not more than 500 mm. For vertical cladding, the rails are fixed in a horizontal position, and with horizontal – in the vertical. With the help of nails, facing boards are attached to rails, it is desirable that the nails have a small hat.

The implementation of facing work by wood does not apply to a complex type of work and does not require professional knowledge and skills. It is enough to observe the sequence of performance when facing walls with wood, namely:

It is advisable to use a dumped board for cladding, which has the same length and width, necessarily exactly trimmed edges along the length.

The surface of the walls are aligned with the slats attached to them. To begin with, the rails are fixed on the opposite edges of the walls, in three places (above, middle and below), small nails are nailed, to which a cord or fishing line is attached between the installed rails. These are the so -called beacons, by which the rest of the boards are further attached.

With the help of screws, the crate is attached to the wall, it is strictly prohibited to use nails for fastening.

The wall cladding begins from the bottom (from the floor) up the wall. The first board is attached strictly in a horizontal position. In case of irregularity of the floor surface, the formed gaps will close the installed baseboard.

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