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Wall walls with decorative chips

Marble plaster is a popular method that will help builders eliminate the disadvantages of the walls of the structure and give them a proper beautiful view. By the way, depending on the required effect, the mixture needs to add lime, pigment and polymer resins.

The very first mixtures of this kind arose in ancient Egypt. The current solution is more decorative. A mixture for marble plaster is directly from crumbs and flour, which differ in color. Note that the shape of the granules is faceted and spherical. Today, coloring is divided into natural and colorful.

Today, the assortment of building materials is quite wide, and the construction of buildings is carried out everywhere. A lot of materials and heavy equipment are always required. If parts are required to connect pipelines, then more comprehensive information can be recommended to see on the corresponding site in the global network. On the site, customers can find new and former pipes.

In the room of a large area for applying a master, a hopper is used. In small residential premises, the solution is applied with a cell. Malar tape is required. It is known that before applying the surface should not be aligned too much. For a better effect, the wall needs to be painted in the tone of the composition that is applied.

By the way, the thickness of the layer directly depends on the size of the crumb fraction. Basically, professionals apply it to two grains. And it is recommended to do this quite promptly. Then the builders are aligned with a grater made of steel moistened with water. When the room is surrounded by plaster, you should leave it to dry.

After that, they start covering the wall with varnish. And if you can not withstand the proper time, the layers do not dry out from the bottom, the plaster will crumble. It is recommended to let her dry for 6 weeks. Sometimes the walls are decorated with volumetric figures. The simplest thing is to apply figures with even lines. If several colors are applied at once, the tape is glued where it is required to observe the line. If the wall is applied to the surface of the wall, it will not require additional care, you just sometimes need to remove dust with a brush.

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