Wallpaper for the toilet

Recently, as finishing materials in the toilet room, it was precisely the wallpaper that gradually displace the practical, but rather expensive tiles that have been widely used. No matter how strange it sounds, but the wallpaper for the toilet is practically in no way inferior to modern tiles, and in some aspects even significantly exceed it. However, do not rush to run to the nearest store of finishing materials for purchases – the wallpaper for the toilet must be selected correctly, given the many factors and features.

It is far from a secret that not all finishing materials are suitable in the toilet room, and this is primarily due to the adverse conditions of this room, and in particular with high humidity, which is almost impossible to get rid of. Therefore, as a decoration of walls (and possibly the ceiling) of the toilet we will need such wallpapers that can maintain their structure in a high humid environment, and therefore will last us longer. As practice shows, the most suitable wallpaper for the toilet are non -woven, washing, vinyl, wallpaper with a polymer and synthetic coating, as well as glass wallpaper. In an effort to purchase high -quality and practical wallpaper for the toilet room, one should not forget about the aesthetic component of the data of finishing materials. Properly selected colors and shades of wallpaper for the toilet will help you create a harmonious decor of the room that will like both you and your households. The toilet room is unique in that it can be combined in different colors and shades that would not harmonize among themselves when designing and decorating other rooms. Today it is quite fashionable to use wallpaper with cold and warm shades to stylize the toilet – wallpaper with cold and saturated flowers glue the lower half of the room, and with warm ones – the upper.   You should also mention the rules that need to be guided when gluing wallpaper in the toilet, the main thing is that it says: you can only glue the wallpaper on the smooth and dry surface of the wall or ceiling – this will help you avoid the appearance of all kinds of cracks and cracks through which moisture will penetrate and destroy it The structure of the wallpaper. If you decide to pre -spark the walls, then choose a specialized putty with water -repellent characteristics. Also, you should not save on the primer and adhesive composition for wallpaper – so your efforts will not be in vain. As a prevention, do not forget to periodically examine the wallpaper in the toilet to detect the otten areas – they should be once immediately glued.

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