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Water supply from the well

Often, people who have only moved to their house are faced with many different inconvenience, and one of the main ones may be the absence of a water supply in the house. But this problem is easily solved by drilling a well.

Just drill the well of big difficult. Now many companies are providing such services. And there should not be problems with the equipment: in almost every construction store you can purchase everything you need. The most difficult thing in this case is to build an effective water supply system, such that it has to freely function and benefit the owners.

To begin with, based on the depths of the well, you need to choose the appropriate submersible pump. Everything is simple here: the larger the depth of the well (or a water column), the more powerful the pump is needed in order for the pressure to be sufficient. The electric cable of the pump is most often attached to the hose, fixing, approximately every half meters. Fasteners should not tighten the hose, but the cable should not move relative to the hose.

Water should pass through the water supply through the water supply in pre -dug trenches. Their depth should be such that the water in the pipes does not freeze even in steep frosts. If you lay pipes at the required depth, it is not possible, then the water supply should be insulated, while it is better to use electric heating. Pipes are better to use metal -plastic. They are durable, are not amenable to oxidation and will last a long time.

After the water supply to the house, you need to connect it to the accumulator. It protects the pump from the hydraulic jacket and reduces the number of inclusions and offs the pump. If the pump is too powerful, you need to set the pressure relay before the accumulator.

You also need to install several different filters in order to improve the quality of water. It is advisable to install filters before each system node.

And we should not forget that the quality of the water will depend on the quality of the water supply. Therefore, it is better to purchase high -quality materials and equipment, even if you overpay a little, because it is not for nothing that people say: the stingy pays twice.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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