Water supply in a country house

Only the citizen who likes to breathe exhaust gases does not dream of a cozy and good country house. Nevertheless, in order for your house to become truly comfortable, you need to work hard. For example, for a comfortable living outside the city, a properly selected and qualitatively installed water supply system is necessary. This is especially important, since the quality of the suburban water network leaves much to be desired. It is about the arrangement of our own water supply system that we will talk with you today and we will talk.

Typically, suburban houses and cottages are already connected to the central water supply system. But the bottom line is that a year after year in partnerships it is customary to serve water only in the season – in the summer, spring and autumn. But what to do if we want to live in the country in winter? We can do without water at all? After all, I want to live with comfort, especially in the winter,!

Dachi water supply scheme

For a country house, the mentioned residential communication systems are completely different. For example, you can make the easiest option: to equip a large water tank at a certain height, and then from it the water by gravity will drain where you “order” it. At the same time, the intake of the resource into the reservoir is provided by a special pump, which works, as a rule, in automatic mode when the sensor “speaks” to it about the absence of water in the reservoir or when it reaches a certain level of it. Of course, the system is simple and has some disadvantages. In particular, you will not install a gas column with her in the country even with a great desire. The thing is that the column necessarily requires the supply of water under pressure, but you will not be able to achieve this.

Another option is to install the so -called flow heater. If at the dacha you do not start large washes and rarely take a shower, then for your case, a low -power heater is quite suitable, which will give you the necessary water temperature in not very large volumes. One way or another, you will have to take care of supplying water to the system here, for which you will need a powerful pump. Then, when installing such a pump, you can very well set yourself a modern mixer that will supply water in hot and cold modes.

We put the accumulator

You will need this device in order to store water. But this is where his functions do not end. The hydraulic accumulator will create increased pressure in the tank, and the pump that supplies water to the house will not turn on every time. The creation of such measures, of course, will extend the service life of the equipment of the water supply system. You also do not need to be afraid of hydraulic boards – situations that often happen when the pump is working.

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