Waterproofing of the pipe on the roof from corrugated board

Very often in private or country houses, you can see the yield of the chimney on the roof. Despite the fact that the installation of a gas boiler or solid fuel is quite real, people still retain the heating system for a number of reasons.

The most relevant of them is the absence of the necessary amount of money for an “autonomous” project. Indeed, in some situations, the owner of the house has to lead a gas pipe to connect it to his house, at a very long distance (for example, from a neighboring lane), which is not always convenient and not permissible for the budget.

Stove heating must be preserved during the construction of the same fireplace. Its design without fail requires the output of the chimney and provides for the professional arrangement of the pipe on the roof.

So, the waterproofing of the pipe on the roof from corrugated board is a responsible moment responsible for safety, a long service life and comfort.

Proper insulation prevents the flow of the roof, eliminates leaks in the pipe output area, prevents fire and guarantees good (high -quality) heating. Judge for yourself, if in conditions of poor insulation in the chimney pipe condensate will accumulate, then the quantitative indicator of heat transfer will decrease and the heating of the room will deteriorate. If there are cracks, condensate can cause smoke (especially in the heating season) and sooner or later will lead to destruction.

To date, several methods of waterproofing of furnace/ventilation pipes are known. The variety of options depends on the structure of the material and the configuration, both the pipe itself and the roof. So for a roof from corrugated board there are two reliable ways or two simple technical processes that protect the roof from a possible flow.

In the first case, a polymer-bitumatic mastic (soil) should be applied to the pipe and fix the superdiffusion membrane (so that its edges go to the pipe). Then fix the metal upper and lower ties with corners. Rolled filters are overlapping, docking places are processed with bitumen mastic, and shallow gaps formed are covered with sealant, preferably heat -resistant. Corrugated board is laid on top of the created structure.

In the second case, you can use kaolin and asbestos plates, which are characterized by increased strength and safety. In addition, it is necessary to use a special tape for hydraulic and thermal insulation of pipes (Onduflesh). It is laid on top of a plastic apron.

As for the arrangement of a ventilation pipe, this process implies a similar phased scheme. The only thing that can be changed is the price category, namely, replace expensive materials with more reduced.

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