We are looking for the most environmentally friendly building materials

Ecologists confirm that only a third of the building material sold is ideal for consumption and, moreover, does not harm human health.

At the beginning of the list of harmfulness, the most malicious substance phenol and formaldehyde is located. In paints, vinyl wallpaper, varnishes, plastic skirting boards, poor furniture from chipboard and fiberboard, new linoleum finds the above harmful remedy.

Do not forget that separately building material is harmless. Of course, it is necessary to work hard workers in overalls and respirator and ventilate the place in which repairs are made. The facts say that in many European countries many of the above finishing materials are not used in houses, and it is precisely here that we often use building materials in finishing work. But paying you actually personal well -being. All frequent ailments, weakening of immunity, cirrhosis of the liver, later can manifest themselves with periodic satellites of the personal condition. Environmental -plastic windows of PVC, oilcloth coatings carpet are unfriendly for the ecology and environmental of the environmental environment.

Please note: the most polymer toxins dissolve if you leave building materials in clean air before use.

After you are adjusting the quality of an individual house, then you will no doubt change the features of your own life, after which you can create a correspondence in your life.

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