We glue the wallpaper on our own

Adhesive compounds are used not only with high adhesive ability, but also with a sufficiently high level of moisture resistance, invulnerability before mold and fungus, and lumps should not form when stirring should not form. Therefore, it is worth choosing a good brand of glue without saving on it. Remember that there are many types of wallpaper, and you need to select glue precisely for the type. You will notice this information on the packaging itself, as well as the technology of preparing adhesive composition.

Before you glue the wallpaper, you need to primer the walls with cooked glue (dilute with 30% with water). Glue on the wallpaper is mainly applied to the back (exception – non -woven wallpaper).

Before the work of the window should be closed and ventilated only after the wallpaper has dried.

It is worth starting to glue from the window, and overlap, so that the seams are not noticeable. Modern wallpapers glue the vault and the direction of the paintings does not matter at all.

When slicing wallpaper on pieces, they make a allowance (60 mm), but most often it depends on the drawing itself, on its type. And if there are no patterns, then waste formation is practically excluded.

Apply glue with a brush or roller, then you need to put in half inward for impregnation.

We lay the wallpaper that are soaked and smooth out with a brush, preferably stiff. Excess material in skirting boards and the ceiling after a wallpaper knife. Below you need to leave 5 mm for horizontal bending of the skirting board.

It is worth recalling that during work and before the wallpaper drying, it is necessary to control whether there are drafts. Because of them, the wallpaper can spread at the joints, and gluing will be of poor quality.

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