We hang a chandelier on drywall

During the construction of the ceilings from drywall, it is worth remembering that all the details that will be attached to them must be reliably and firmly installed. Experts do not advise hanging heavy and massive structures on drywall, it will be better if you reach the fastener element directly to the very concrete overlap. There are many questions to our editorial office on the fastening of chandeliers to the ceiling, sheathed with drywall. We suggest you familiarize yourself with some options for this mount.

We hang a chandelier on a drywall ceiling

The first option is the use of a special stud with a gym-gay at its end. At the same time, drywall is drilled with a conventional 12 mm drill. Concrete must be drilled with a winning drill by 8 mm. Next, insert the anchor into the hole in the concrete and twist the nut on it. After that we remove the nut and wind up the scan of the gay on an anchor and we already hang a chandelier hook on it. The option is very simple and does not require special skills. The only thing that should be noted here is that this method allows you to hang only lightweight chandeliers.

We hang a heavy chandelier

In the case when the chandelier is very heavy and there is a chain for a hook in it, then it is better to use an anchor bolt with a half -ring at the end, the diameter of which will be at least 12 mm. Next, we drill drywall, drill concrete and insert the anchor bolts into the resulting holes and wind them up to the stop. If the chandelier is less heavy, a completely spring anchor is suitable, which is a screw with a hook at the end. He also has two “wings” instead of a nut, which are tightened by twisting from the inside of drywall. Next, hang the chandelier on this hook and all.

Very often the chandelier has a fastener with holes. Then it is best to use the so -called metal “lip” or plastic dowel “butterfly” with a self -tapping screw. You will need a special tool and skills to work with Mollya. As for the “butterfly”, then working with it is simplicity.

Trick in the attachment of a chandelier in drywall

During the manufacture of the frame itself, we suggest you prepare a small tree bar of wood in advance. Attach it directly to the drywall in the place where your chandelier will hang. And only then you can quickly “put” a chandelier on screws on screws.

During the fasteners of the chandelier, we also advise you to determine in advance “zero” and “phase” in advance. This is done using an indicator screwdriver. On the “phase” the screwdriver will surely light up. It is necessary to connect the corresponding wires to the wires of the chandelier.

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