We paint the glass wallpaper

Painting of glass wallpaper is the most final stage in working with them. And it is this work that determines the design of the room, the atmosphere, and even the location of the people who will fall into it.

Therefore, staining of glass wallpaper is an extremely important step, and it must be performed with all scrupulousness.

First of all, when the glass wallpaper is glued to the walls, it is necessary to treat them with diluted glue – in this case, the paint will go well. After that, you should patiently wait for the moment when the glue dries, and then start painting our wallpaper. You can apply paint with a fur roller or sprayer, and at the joints with other surfaces and colors it is better to calmly paint with a brush.

For staining glass wallpaper, it is advised to use water-dispersion paints. They, at least, allow you to save the superiority that the introduction of glass wallpaper gives us. In addition to everything, these colors are environmentally harmful, vapor permeable, and are not afraid of fire. In any case, it is comfortable and good to work with dispersion colors – they are almost no smell, they are simply applied and dry very quickly.

It makes sense to choose a specific type of paint depending on the tasks, although it is not difficult to guess in advance that the paint must be waterproof. Therefore, for staining glass wallpaper, it is much better to specially select dispersion paints based on acrylic or butadiene-stylistic binding. Finally, when you wash the walls, do not forget that the detergent must be selected based on your paint data.

Regarding the choice of color coloring, then the recommendations of designers are quite simple: you should be careful with truly bright saturated coloring, especially in residential buildings. Since if you paint the whole room with them, they will begin to nervous. In contrast, it is recommended to make inserts with very catchy colors. If the furniture is available, or, you looked at it, you need to specially select the coloring of paints, in such a way that it looks with furniture. By the way, if you warmly decided to make wall pictures with stencils, keep in mind that rare and slightly small drawings are more suitable for small rooms – they visually increase the space of the room.

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