We save a place in the apartment

As a rule, apartments of standard layouts are unlikely to at least claim the title of large. Therefore, in the ability to save a place we can only envy. Those who still do not know how to do this will certainly find a couple of interesting tips for themselves further.

So, the first and main rule that should be followed is objects with a large set of functionality. Among these sofas with reliable mechanisms of transformation, chairs-beds, “butterflies” tables and so on. All of them, if necessary, acquire the necessary sizes, and the rest of the time they remain invisible and useful companions of our life.

The second rule is the use of vertical space. High spacious cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves on the walls and racks help here well. In view of the convenience of rearrangements, the latter occupy a special place in the list. In addition, there is unlimited scope for fantasy, because you can organize racks and rack baskets as you like, without losing their spaciousness and functionality. This solution can be ideal both in the children’s room and in the living room.

Another rule is minimalism. If there is not so much space, then try to replace a few things alone. A variety of transformers help in this.

And the last rule concerns “tricks”. Use such! For example, free walls can be used to place … mirrors. They are also very multifunctional. A large number of mirrors allows you to stylize the room, while visually expanding its frame. In this case, the amount of light also increases. By the way, partly the glass has the same effect. Visually expands the framework of the same correctly selected pattern and light colors in combination with contrasting elements.

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