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We save in construction with aerated concrete

Concrete, as building material, has been used for a long time, but not all new products and developments in this area become known and gain wide popularity. So, for example, autoclave aerated concrete appeared relatively long ago, but it is too early to talk about its widespread use – the inertiality of thinking and tradition in the approaches of choosing building materials are affected.

The production of aerated concrete is slightly different from the traditional both in technology and the components: crushed sand, lime, gypsum stone and powder from aluminum shavings. The subsequent stage – the formation of aerated concrete mass – forms the structure of the material, after which the mass is cut into blocks.

The so -called autoclaving, which occurs under pressure from 10 atmospheres and at a temperature of about 2000 ° C, completes the production process. Ready blocks have a smooth surface and almost pure white color, which is almost perfect for painting or with further finishing work.

The profitability of the use of aerated concrete is justified by several factors that distinguish this type of building material from its traditional analogues. The size of the blocks meet the requirements of the 1st category – the deviations in size are minimal. The mason does not need to explain what it is and why you can save on this.

In addition, masonry of aerated concrete blocks occurs on a glue solution that does not sag and grasps instantly – no pause in work, and also easily control the quality of the masonry itself. Finishing work does not cause any complaints, for example, strobes for laying hidden wiring can even be done manually, and any “fantasies” of the customer in shape and size of the building are easily embodied in reality.

There is also a pleasant news for residents of such a material: exceptional diffusion properties of the material support the optimal humidity inside, which is very different from the “dryness” inherent in reinforced concrete “boxes”. In addition to everything, aerated concrete is absolutely resistant to damp, fungi, insects and rodents.

In other words, the operational life expectancy is very high and this is confirmed by the use of this material in the Scandinavian countries and in the north-west of the Russian Federation. For these regions, as well as in other places with difficult climatic conditions, this building material becomes indispensable.

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