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What autocrains are the most popular?

Usually, special equipment is used during construction work of high complexity. It helps to accelerate the construction process and facilitates the work of builders. Especially often on construction sites you can find excavators, autocrains and dump trucks. Today we’ll talk about auto crackers, since this type of special equipment is most popular among the arsenals of construction companies.

A company that produces various construction work is simply required to have autocrains. Renting autocrans in its cost can not be compared with the purchase of this type of special equipment. Along with this, the services that help to perform a car crane are so in demand that it is very much more profitable to purchase its own car crane in the end than to constantly rent it.

Currently, a variety of autocrains are used in construction. They differ not only in their characteristics, but also by the type of drive, by carrying capacity, by type of suspension, etc. P.

The first type of autocrans is cranes with a low loading capacity. Typically, such a technique can lift a load weighing up to five tons. The second type is auto cracers that easily cope with a load of up to 10 tons. Next is a technique that is able to cope with 15 tons is the most common type of autocrane. The last type is autocrains with a load capacity of up to 50 tons.

Also, autocrains can be classified according to the type of drive. There is a technique with a hydraulic drive, with a mechanical and electric drive.

In addition, the taps on wheels differ in their chassis. There are cars with a pneumatic suspension, with car chassis and auto cracers on a caterpillar.

The most high -speed, of course, are considered autocrains on a car chassis. They are quite maneuverable and help to drive up to the construction site quite quickly. A similar technique is usually used where there is a large distance between construction sites, and there is no way to wait.

Auto -crackers on the tracked drive are less speedy, but they can easily drive where a car crackets on wheels will surely get stuck.

During the loading and unloading of building materials, when installing various structures in conditions of dense urban development, taps on pneumo -canine cranes are more used. These are the most heavy units that can easily lift goods to 50 tons and above.

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