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What is a proportional rental of real estate?

Just yesterday, almost no one knew about the concept of proportional lease. However, current trends in commercial real estate were increasingly turning to such a variety of lease.

When it comes to a proportional to the rent, this means that the rent is calculated and paid in proportion to the term of use of the rented premises. You can consider a very common example.

When you rent an apartment, you do not necessarily move to it for the first day of any month. For example, if you occupy an apartment on the 7th of a certain month, you do not need to pay a rent for the first 6 unknown days.

You will need to count on a proportional amount for the number of days, during the course you are going to live in the first month and pay only this amount to the owner. You can do this in writing, directly indicating the principle of payment in the lease agreement in order to avoid legal troubles in the future.

It is also important that the owner understands the principles of such a contract. Sometimes it happens that tenants do not behave very well and can create some inconvenience for neighbors, or the owner may need to take their property at the best price.

In this case, the owner must agree with the tenant or even send him notifications with a request to free the apartment before the lease expiration.

This proposal may be indicated in the lease agreement, which gives the right to the owner in advance to receive his premises to be released in connection with the problem behavior. However, even if the contract for leasing the premises ends at the end of the month, the owner can charge in proportion to the rent for the days of the actual lease.

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