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What is electrical engineering for?

Electrical engineering is a technical industry, an employee to receive, distribute, transform and use electrical energy. The concomitant task is to develop and improve electronic circuits, components, technical systems and devices. Also, electrical engineering includes science that studies the properties of magnetic and electrical phenomena and the possibility of their application in practice.

Electrical engineering is divided into several main industries:

Electricity. Deals with the issues of energy production, consumption, transfer of it and the development of appropriate devices for these purposes (transformers, electric generators, electric motors).

Electromechanics. This component of electrical engineering studies and invents the processes of converting electrical energy into mechanical and reverse transformation of mechanical energy into electrical. In the modern world, these studies are very important, especially in the context of a gradual transition to alternative energy sources.

Automatic control systems. Set a certain procedure for processes in electrical engineering to optimize processes.

Electronics. The industry, where the harmful and dangerous working conditions that are associated with the invention and testing of devices serving for the transformation and use of electromagnetic energy for storage, obtaining the transfer and processing of information. The bottom line is that the electrical appliance can consist of any material and process energy in any environment, the main thing is the presence of an electric circuit in it. Electronics, in turn, is divided into several areas:

Physics – studies the interaction of charged particles.

Household electronics – production of household electronic devices, which we use every day.

Microelectronics – an industry that includes work with gadgets using the chipper as active elements. This includes sound-video electronics, digital electronics, optoelectronics, in which, in addition to electric energy, photon flows are used.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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