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What should be the interior decoration of the bath?

Having your own country house is for many a dream that has become a reality. Following their own aspirations and desires, and sometimes fashion trends, owners of their own houses try to decorate the internal interior of the room or simply do not lag behind new directions in the field of design. But their own baths built on the territory of private household are even more popular.

And since the bath is not a decor subject, it means that it should fully function. How to equip the bathhouse from the inside, so that it leaves only positive emotions after visiting it?

The walls inside the bath are lined with unpainted (in order to avoid the evaporation of substances that make up the paint), which is irreversible with all sorts of wood with wood. Ostrug boards are adjusted vertically, as tightly as possible to each other. If the purpose of visiting the bath is to relax, calm down, then the wood, which the walls of the bathhouse from the inside, should be appropriate. For these purposes, boards of trees of deciduous species are best suited. If, on the contrary, the bathhouse is built to maintain vigity of the spirit, you should use coniferous rocks.

The size of the shelves will depend on the size of the entire steam room. They are installed near the wall on which there are no windows. The best material for shelves is the wood of linden, poplar, aspen. She dries quickly, does not burn the body, does not emit toxic resins. For the possibility of draining water, all shelves should be with a slight inclination or have a bulge.

So that the bathhouse loses as little heat as possible, the windows are made in small, rectangular shape, extended horizontally. Doors, respectively, too. Door handles for bath doors should be wooden so as not to burn. It is advisable to hide all metal parts deeper into a tree or use only galvanized ones to avoid corrosion.

You can put ceramic tiles on the floor – for the convenience of cleaning. If the floor is also wooden, do not insulate it, so as not to prevent water care and not allow the boards to rot. It is better to make lighting in the bath soft and muffled to support the feeling of peace and comfort.

The lamps should be placed so that the light does not cut the eyes. Using daylight lamps in the bath is not recommended. You should also not forget about useful little things that will give your bath the right feeling of comfort: cabinets for clothes, stands for shoes, buckets, hangers, various shelves.

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