What the cost of the apartment depends on?

Apartments are different and prices for them too. It is clear that, first of all, it depends on the number of square meters and on the state of the apartment. But what does the price of the apartment depend on? Why are two, at first glance of identical, apartments, the price differs?

The pricing policy of different companies – developers is different. Each company sets its own prices for housing, this does not always indicate the level of costs during construction. The sale of apartments in houses under construction always costs than if you want to buy a ready -made apartment. The construction of the house takes a long time and construction companies often resort to financial assistance to investors. So people get apartments in new buildings at more profitable prices.

In different cities, their prices for apartments. Even one -room apartments in the capital are a little pocket. But in cities that are less popular for real estate investments, housing is more accessible to the middle class of residents. The less demand, the lower the price of apartments in St. Petersburg.

Another of the criteria for assessing the cost of the apartment is the area in which it is located. More expensive areas with the most satisfying inhabitants of the conditions. Such conditions as the arrangement of the court, the presence of garages in the yard, parking lots, close supermarkets, schools, kindergartens. Above the price of real estate in the city center, below – in the outskirts, where it is more difficult to get, and the conditions there are not at all the ones that most consumers would like.

If you buy an apartment in a finished house, then its cost is affected by the age of the building, its external and internal state. When the last time repairs were made in the apartment? It is important what floor the apartment is on. It used to be that the apartments of 2-3 floors were more expensive. Living on the ground floor is not comfortable, it is believed that it is cold, the balcony is low … the floors are inconvenient, especially when there is no elevator in the building. Now, when mass redevelopments of the first floors are underway for stores, then with a successful location and desire, it can be sold much more.

If you buy an apartment on a mortgage loan, then its cost can also significantly fluctuate. Now in many banks there are discount systems designed for different users. For example, a mortgage for young families. A decrease in the cost of housing, so to speak, in return for improving the demographic situation of the country is provided,.

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