What to build a shed for a summer residence?

It is customary to build sheds from improvised materials. Moreover, even if you use boards, you may not be afraid that your structure will collapse. If you plan to breed a poultry, you need to understand that the shed should be dry, that is, it will definitely have to be insulated, and also do everything possible to get as little as possible as possible.

Naturally, if you have money, then the barn can be made capital, from brick or stone. But it is expensive, and in some cases stupid. Such buildings still do not require internal repairs, more precisely, wall decoration and floor. Although, for poultry, or cattle, it is better that the floor is flooded. Then it will be much easier for you to do cleaning inside. If the floor is the earth, or boards, then all this will quickly turn into a slurry, rot, dirt, etc. D.

Any structure requires the foundation. You can’t just leve the earth, drive several bars into it, and start erecting a shed around them. Although, you can make a columnar foundation, out of only four columns, at the corners of the building. There will be no partitions in the barn, and its dimensions are usually minimal. It can be a room two by two meters, or more.

Accordingly, a column foundation is made in the corners. You can even drive metal pipes or corners into it, so that it is more convenient to make stiffener ribs for a barn in the toga. But, we still prefer capital buildings that could last decades.

Therefore, the foundation is best made with tape, around the perimeter of all walls. The only thing that for the foundation can be taken not simple cement, but a brick. That is, lay out the foundation itself out of brick, and then already build a barn from improvised materials. Naturally, it is best to make a wooden structure so that there are no extraneous or harmful smells inside such a room.

Poultry can overhaul all the cement, but their tree is not particularly interested in. In addition, inside you will have to make special nestles and poles on which the chickens could sleep and carry.

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