What you need to know for the repair of the refrigerator?

The refrigerator for modern housewives is one of the main kitchen attributes. And if such a technique suddenly stops working, it is necessary to use the services of professionals. Very often the cause of breakdowns is the freon leak. And with the round -the -clock operation of the refrigerator, some parts will require replacement over time. In some cases, only some knowledge is enough so that a small breakdown can be eliminated on their own.

In order not to spoil the surface of the refrigerator evaporator, it is important to use gratings, gaskets and trays from polyethylene. If there is a special plastic gasket in the refrigerator, you can put dishes from metal and other materials.

If the refrigerator is defrosted, then, in the process of thawing, it is impossible to use sharp objects, since there is a risk of freon leakage. It is important to remember that the details of the refrigerator, as well as spare parts for a meat grinder and other home appliances require a careful attitude.

To conduct high -quality diagnosis and repair of the refrigerator evaporator, it is necessary to use special equipment and tools. Home repairs without such tools are impossible, so contacting specialists is inevitable.

We offer several simple refrigerators repair tips. To check the serviceability of sensors or relay, these spare parts for the atlant refrigerator or any other refrigerator technique, initially you need to disconnect them. This can be done using an ordinary screwdriver. Relay contacts can be checked using an ohmmeter. If there is a breakdown, then a new relay is needed.

If a thermostat breaks up in the refrigerator, then in this case the refrigerator may work constantly and not turn off. The replacement of the thermostat should be carried out carefully, putting on the cambric and attaching tightly to the thermostat bellows to the evaporator.

A very responsible detail – the starting relay of the refrigerator. Its, like the main spare parts for vacuum cleaners and other home equipment, should only be replaced by a new and completely serviceable part.

In the case of a breakdown of the refrigerator compressor, it is advisable to immediately call the master, since this is a complex and important device. By the way, one of the main reasons for the breakdown of refrigerators is tangible voltage drops, which occur quite often. The transformer put at the input effectively protects against such a trouble.

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