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When is the best set windows

Most people believe that replacing or installing plastic windows in the winter season is a bad idea that will not lead to anything good. But this is not entirely true – the replacement of windows is possible, and this procedure in the winter season carries many advantages.

First of all, you will probably save (in the cold season there are always fewer orders for the brigade engaged in the installation of windows) and you obviously will not need to wait long for workers involved in the installation of windows. You can even run into pleasant discounts and interesting bonuses from shops selling plastic windows.

Many believe that the windows open (and in our case are completely absent for some time) will instantly lead to deformation of wooden furniture, wallpaper, skirting boards, parquet, etc. D. There is a considerable share of truth, but there is one but. In fact, to replace the windows in one room for the brigade of skillful installers from force, 35 minutes of work will be required.

Even the installation of borders in the open air in the winter is a much more unsafe activity. Because the borders will be poorly attached due to the sunken cement. Borders in Stavropol can be bought in many famous online stores. Moreover, if you live in a private house, and you want to deprive your site in a proper way – this may be a good idea in the name of saving your budget.

Well, the safety threshold during the installation of a new “plastic”, when the temperature on the street is 20 degrees, will be approximately 40 minutes of completely open or absent in a small room. During this time, the room will not even have time to freeze (more precisely, only start to freeze). But just in case, of course, it will not be superfluous to take out everything that can be taken out of it (made of wood and things that break from the cold). You will still change the windows not simultaneously in all rooms or rooms – therefore, the transfer of things is justified! This is perhaps the only logically reasonable minus of the installation of windows in the winter season, and then compliance with these advice is not a necessity.

Well, another plus of repairs in winter in general will be that it is better to devote summer to rest. Do not spend warm days on home improvement.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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