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Which garage coating is best used?

The garage, like any other construction site, cannot do without a roof, which will be a protection against various precipitation, as well as from the penetration of attackers. The simplest and most often used roof coatings are single -sided and gable roofs.

If we talk about the roof of the garage, which will be carried out independently, then this work is a rather complicated and laborious process. Materials that you will use to cover the roof, you can use different ones, the main thing is that they are reliable and high -quality.

The choice of one or another coating for the roof of the garage will depend on the preferences of the owner, its financial capabilities, as well as on the very design of the structure.

Very common overlap designs are single -sided roofs. This version of the roof can also be used in the case when the garage adjacent to the building.

In order to make the roof correctly, it will be necessary to take into account the following indicators:

– metal tile should have a slope of at least 30 degrees.

– The slate should be laid under 20-35 degrees.

– Galled roof should have an angle of inclination at 18-30 degrees.

– The soft roof should have an angle of no more than 5 degrees.

A single -to -shoe roof can be performed quite easily, the main thing is to observe the correct angle of inclination of one or another coatings.

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