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Why do you need an external sheathing of a house

Each owner of an individual house sooner or later has a question, how could he sheathe. The external coating of the house is very important. This is not only aesthetic, but also practical. First you should decide what result you want to achieve from the skin.

Facade decoration with wood

For many years, wood does not go out of fashion. This is the most convenient and practical option. Looks very, very profitable, especially with proper processing. In addition, this material is the most environmentally friendly. The wear resistance of such a material is very high, and the strength leaves almost no chance to competitors. Wood sheathing not only protects the walls of the house from weather conditions, but also provides good sound permeability, as well as insulate the rooms. To protect this material from early decay and parasites, you need to treat it with a special solution. With this natural material, with proper processing, you can give any form. The biggest disadvantage is that wood is not at all a refractory. Fortunately, now the market is replete with various impregnations that can correct this drawback. Wood is not oxidized and resistant to impacts. This is not poor quality for external material. It is the tree that is most successfully combined with others, for example, with stone or metal materials. Common wood breed for lining is pine or oak. Moreover, oak is the most universal due to its natural properties. The pine is slightly inferior at the price of the oak.

There are two types of wooden casing for the house – a lining and imitation for the bars.

Lining can be quickly and efficiently and qualitative to sheathe the house without making particularly great efforts. This option is not very whimsical, and most importantly in the color scheme it can be almost any. Imitation for the bars is visually similar to a European -style lining. After the profiled board is cooked in a quarrel, there are no extra cracks between them, but form a continuous even surface. All wood sheathing options are fastened only horizontally.


The second most popular material is siding. Options for such a sheathing are presented both in the plastic model and in the metal. Such material is sold with set panels. The vinyl model pleases with an abundance of color choice, and most importantly retains its color for the entire period of operation. Not whimsical, does not require special processing. The life of a little more than fifty years. The panels are completely not subject to solar exposure. In addition, a metal model is also a refractory. But, unfortunately, is completely not resistant to blows. Requires special processing to prevent premature corrosion.

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