Window size: what to consider?

It is far from a secret that the overall level of illumination in the room depends on the size of the window. If you are lucky and your apartment with wide window openings, then by installing a kind of window-vitrine, you will wake up every morning from the first rays of sunlight, and not from an annoying alarm clock.

If the windows in your apartment are small – do not despair, with the right selection of a suitable variety of window structures and the type of double -glazed windows used in it, you will make your apartment more affordable to the sunlight.

Conditionally, the windows can be divided into wide and small. Wide windows fill the room with sunlight and open a panoramic view from the window. Such windows are installed mainly in country houses or are used in glazing loggias and balconies of city apartments. Such windows have a number of disadvantages: in case of open position, heavy window sashs provide a significant load on the design of the window. If the windows open inside the room, then the wings take up a lot of space in the room. With such windows, a person often feels like in the aquarium, so you have to use curtains and blinds.

Small windows limit the penetration into the room of sunlight. Almost all standard windows of domestic “Khrushchevs” are suitable for the definition of “small windows”. Windows with small windows cannot boast of high illumination and coziness for their owners.

According to architectural standards, the room should have a window area of ​​at least 15% of the total surface area of ​​the room itself. The optimal result is achieved with 55% of the window area, in relation to the surface area. It is believed that an ideal size that allows you to optimally let light into the room is a rectangle of 1, 45 m wide and 1, 75 m high.

Today, during the construction of suburban real estate, you can order a window of almost any form and size. The main thing is that you need to select the size of the window that will optimally solve the tasks set for it. You should not think that a wide window is a panacea from darkening of the room, in this matter it is important to take into account many factors and features. If you have any doubts, then you should seek advice on professional installers of window structures that have vast experience with windows and help you with advice.

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