Wood-aluminum windows

The wood -aluminum windows currently is the most common type of combined windows, combining all the advantages of wood and aluminum. The tree has low heat and sound conductivity, and aluminum gives the strength and ease of window design.

The wood -aluminum windows are equally well suited to both typical apartments and country houses, which is not surprising – the characteristics of these windows fully protect your home from cold, moisture, extraneous noise from the street and other adverse factors.

Wood-aluminum windows are a multifunctional design that is made according to the latest technologies and meets all modern requirements. To protect the wooden frame, wood-aluminum windows use an aluminum frame, which gives the design excellent strength characteristics, while the weight of the window remains at an acceptable level.

Also, do not forget that aluminum has special characteristics that allow you to create various designs of all kinds of forms and models – therefore, among wood -aluminum windows, you can find models of the standard shape and rather extravagant models of complex shape. Experts predict that the aluminum windows, due to their many advantages, will soon compete with plastic and significantly squeeze them in the windows.

The most famous models of wood-aluminum windows are represented by German, Finnish, Swedish manufacturers using technologies in production, offering various layout options for these two materials. In the Finnish type, wood -aluminum windows in the window block is made of aluminum, and the internal one is made of wood, which allows you to achieve ideal reliability and durability of the structure. The outer frame of the Finnish wood-aluminum window contains a single glass, and a multi-layer double-glazed window is installed in the inner frame, which prevents cold air from getting into the room.

Sweden wood -aluminum windows have a fairly interesting design – they are made of two frames with paired bindings. The external binding includes an aluminum profile, with a single glass. The internal binding of the wood-aluminum window from Sweden is made of wood of valuable species and contains a two-chamber double-glazed window. Such a wood-aluminum window allows you to open in two planes, which is very convenient. The German design of the wood -aluminum window is quite standard – it is made in the form of a wooden frame, which is protected over the entire length of the window with an overlay of aluminum.

Remember that no matter what version of wood -aluminum windows you choose – they will save you from street noise, give heat to the most severe frosts and delight you with their reliability.

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